Pure Beach

Pure Beach

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Delicately scented with fresh and exotic coconut oil.

Head notes : Tropical fruits and red berries
Head notes : Vanilla pod and coconut milk
Base notes : Sandalwood, tonka bean and musk

Refreshing and Invigorating

Data sheet
Class Worldwide, for Sun, Sea and Sand Destinations
Gift Wrap Yes
Bath liquid Appearance Gel
Fragrance Exotic coconut
Mood Refreshing and Invigorating
Available Size(s) 50ml, 100ml
Available varieties Body Wash, and Body Lotion
Packaging PET, Boston Bottle with Chrome Cap and/or Cosmetic Tube with Chrome Cap
Market(s) Americas, Africa, Europe, Far East, Japan, Middle East, Oceania, and UK


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Pure Beach

Pure Beach

Delicately scented with fresh and exotic coconut oil